Our Story

Soul Perch is a mindfulness brand with products built around meditation and intentional living. Hilary teaches meditation and had just finished a little studio to start teaching local classes when the global pandemic struck.

After the initial shock, toilet paper run, and acceptance that we would now be homeschooling our kids, we watched the news on a loop in horror. We couldn't believe the stories of healthcare workers not having enough PPE and wanted to do something to help. We aren't doctors or nurses, we don't manufacture medical equipment, and we have little kids at home (which, I mean...) -- but we used to run an online clothing company. We knew our prior experience would come back to us quickly, so we decided to jump back into what we know and start making masks.  

We're manufacturing as many reusable masks as we can so that disposable, medical-grade masks can be conserved for front line health care workers. Our masks are 100% cotton, double layered, and the Classic Collection has a slot for a filter if you'd like extra breathing protection.  

We want to help, so during the pandemic our commitment to donate masks. We have partnered with school districts to provide masks to be passed out along with the free meals provided for families in need. 

Thank you for your help and support.

Hilary & Rod Zwahlen, Soul Perch Co-Founders