Red Gingham Breathable Vented Mask
Red Gingham Breathable Vented Mask
Red Gingham Breathable Vented Mask
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Red Gingham Breathable Vented Mask

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These breathable vented masks are made of cotton, with a slot for a filter. (Filter not included).  Perfect for travel, cold and flu season, yard work, and deep cleaning. 


  • One size fits most
  • Adjustable straps 


  • Breathable and vented 
  • Slot for filter 
  • Filter not included


  • 100% Cotton 
  • Pocket opening to add a filter
  • Filter options can include additional fabric layers (felt, flannel, cotton) PM2.5 filters, disposable HEPA filters, coffee filters, and vacuum filters are all quite effective).
  • Please remember to change the filters between each use 
  • Filter not included 


  • Wash the mask in warm or hot water before using it for the first time.  
  • It is recommended to wash the mask after every use.   
  • The fabric for our masks has been pre-washed to maintain shape and size. However, it is 100% cotton and may still shrink if dried in the dryer. We recommend tumbling dry on low or line dry for best results.

This is not a substitute for N95 or surgical masks and is NOT FDA approved. Our masks, if used correctly, will help contribute to lessening person-to-person droplet transmission.

Made in China